Connecting the 
Internet of Things

Learn how to bridge the physical and digital 
worlds of the Internet of Things

The Path to IoT

By 2020, as many as 20.8 billion items will be connected. Learn how to incorporate your business processes.

Connecting to Your Customers

See how cloud-based engagement services and programmable digital interfaces enable you to connect the “last mile” of your customers.

Connectivity among people, machines, and things is increasing exponentially. Enabling communications among billions of people and things represents a tremendous opportunity.

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SAP Digital Interconnect

What you'll learn from this whitepaper

SAP® Digital Interconnect

Largest and most reliable cloud messaging network powering over 1B messages per day.

Reaches 99% of the world's mobile subscribers in almost every country.

Connects to 1,096 mobile operators directly across the globe.


Managing IoT Sprawl

Without an IoT strategy, your enterprise can quickly get overwhelmed. Learn how to stay ahead.

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