Place messaging 
at the heart of your enterprise customer communications


Learn how mobile messaging can improve customer acquisition, service, and retention, increase revenue and loyalty, and reduce costs

Communication is Evolving

Customers communicate in different ways, meaning enterprises must connect with their customers the right way at the right time.

Stay Ahead of the Trend

Enterprises of all sizes are adapting to reach out to their customers first, even before they contact them. 

Future-proof Your Messaging

While the quality and reliability of some enterprise SMS systems can often fall short, see how you can reliably reach 99% of the world's mobile subscribers.

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See why integrating mobile messaging with business processes and applications is vital for success in the digital economy 

Digital Interconnect

What you'll learn from this report

SAP® Digital Interconnect

Largest and most reliable cloud messaging network powering over 1B messages per day

Reaches 99% of the world's mobile subscribers in almost every country

Connects to 1,096 mobile operators directly across the globe

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