The Internet of Things is revealing new opportunities for the intelligent enterprise

Enterprises will need cost-effective and technically-efficient hardware and software solutions such as the eSIM and cloud platforms to implement their IoT-enabled products. 

IoT use cases vary by industry, and many are still evolving

But, enabling simple and flexible SIM activation and dynamic profile management for connected devices is important for all.

Global enterprise IT players mitigate risk and keep things simple

They are not only to provide flexible device connectivity, but also to integrate devices into back-end systems.

See how to manage and grow your business' IoT connectivity for tomorrow

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Digital Interconnect

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SAP® Digital Interconnect

Largest and most reliable cloud messaging network powering over 1B messages per day

Reaches 99% of the world's mobile subscribers in almost every country

Connects to 1,096 mobile operators directly across the globe


It is essential to have relationships with multiple service providers

Cloud-based platforms allow devices to switch carriers across borders and find cost-effective connectivity.